Writing and Publishing

Writing, publishing and marketing are all part of the process of being an author. The more you know about each of these, the better chance of success. I find the writing the best part. The rest of it is just plain work. While my second book, soon to be released, titled “Roundtrip From Texas” is being edited, I have been working on my third book, “No Quarter.” That book should be released by the fall of this year. This third book is fiction and while I have written several fictions, “No Quarter” will be the first published. The cover design is in my head. So is the ending of the book. The words want release, a creative process that is hard to describe. The book won’t turn me loose until it is ready. The words have a mind of their own and come through me from somewhere else. They do not originate from within, a strange experience. For me, writing is not about fame and fortune, writing is a passion that keeps me alive. I believe that artistic creation is a compulsion, whether it be sculpture, painting or whittling or anything else. In any event it is what I do.