Weird Stuff

Bobby and I were sitting in the yard watching the hummingbirds and he suggested that it might be funny to put some vodka in the hummingbird nectar and see what happens. At first it seemed like a cute idea and then reality set in and we decided it might kill them or be cruel. So much for that idea. Then he told a story about a man we both know who purchased a new Cadillac in the 1970’s. The more he drove it, a rattle bothered him on one of the rear fenders. He took the car back to the dealership and they found an empty whiskey bottle in the rear panel. There was a note in the empty bottle that read, “You finally found it.” What a crazy story. This weekend I’m driving to Hempstead, Texas to a high school reunion with friends that I haven’t seen in decades. I attended that high school for the first two years and then moved on to another high school. They invited me and I am excited, emailing some of them and finding that our life stories contain many similarities. It’s weird how we are all different but yet the same. I love the weird stuff in life. I call those days WOO days and when a day has more than one WOO, it’s a good day. I hope you have one of those today.