A good friend of mine recently decided to quit smoking. Living in the middle of nowhere I’m not too current on the latest. A friend had told him about the electronic cigarettes. He tried them and then was told about vaping. I went with him to a store in Kerrville. Two young men were behind the counter and they were the best salesmen I have ever encountered. They were vaping a dark plastic tube with a capsule of sorts holding a liquid. They demonstrated the vaping and then offered countless flavors from toffee to watermelon to grape to mild tobacco to menthol and so forth, similar to the flavors at a snow cone stand or ice cream bar. He chose grape and tobacco and 18 units of nicotine. They demonstrated the charging of the device and filling the capsule. After paying about $80 we left. He immediately began to vape and said he could quit. He faithfully vaped all week and on the next excursion to Kerrville, we stopped for a refill. I innocently asked the super salesmen what was the liquid mixed with the nicotine. The first answer was to the effect that it was an additive found in foods. When I asked the specific names and took out my notebook to write them down, the mood changed to defensive. He gave me the names and then said, “We are not physicians. Consult your doctor.” Alarm bells sounded. I returned home, got on the internet and began my research. Some of the ingredients are the same as are found in antifreeze and formaldehyde. Furthermore the liquid is made in China as are the delivery devices. Much of the internet info said that vaping was worse then smoking because the liquid inhaled into the lungs was not good for the lungs and that the lungs are designed to receive clean air. With China’s record on toxic substances and recitals by doctors that advised vaping was dangerous, I told my friend. He still smokes. Upon reflection I realized that electronic cigarettes and vaping had been invented for the rule breakers, a way to get around the ban on smoking in bars, planes. airports, restaurants and other public places. I even went so far as to check with the National Transportation Agency. The answers about vaping on planes and in airports was ambiguous. It depended on the airline, the airport or the whim of the public servants. Final decision – nothing is easy.