Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day provides a bonus for marketers. Cards, flowers, candy, red and pink clothing flood the stores, a shopping delight for all who love drama. I’ll be playing bridge with seven ladies at a barbecue place in Camp Wood, Texas. We play in the back dining room, order our barbecue lunch and spend the afternoon in pleasant company, Since some of us live on rural ranches, reached only by winding roads, we meet at a central location, each put a dollar in the pot and award the two high scorers a few dollars. My boyfriend is a tree climber and is on a job 75 miles away, staying at the ranch where he is working. I’ll spend the evening alone and that’s okay because I bought him a Reese’s Peanut Butter Heart, his favorite and we’ll celebrate when he returns home next week. Spring weather brings romance to nature also and the warm weather that has finally returned has provided a symphony, Outside the birds are chirping with enthusiasm. I hadn’t realized their absence until the songs serenaded the morning. Spring is my favorite time of the year. I love the night sounds of the insects and wildlife. There are Valentine dances and dinners in the area but we’ll wait and go dancing later in the month. Isn’t romance grand?