When things go wrong

When one thing goes wrong, you can expect for more to follow. The saying is that trouble comes in threes. A while back, the riding mower would not cut. My diesel ranch truck had a fuel leak and the Jeep began to sputter, missing out terribly. A few weeks of wrong parts being shipped added frustration, but eventually everything was repaired. There was a month or so with everything working, but when I went to the greenhouse at the other part of the ranch to plant some vegetable seeds in anticipation of spring, I discovered there was no water. The faucet yielded no water. I checked the barn, the houses and then went to the well house. The breakers for the well had tripped and would not engage. I called my well man and was assured he would come the following day. In the meantime I returned to my winter garden to water the onions, beets, carrots, Brussel sprouts, leeks, turnips, mustard greens and broccoli and discovered that the water source which comes from a submersible pump in the creek was also not producing water. With an arctic blast due shortly, I expect there will be more water problems. Today we will secure the water lines, turn off valves, let water drip and hope for the best. Then the coffee pot quit. Luckily I had a spare one in the closet. Out here in southwest Texas on a remote ranch, I have learned to always keep spares. When I buy one of something I always buy two. Sixty miles to drive for something simple teaches a person to always be prepared. The ranch inventory of nuts, bolts, screws, batteries, plumbing supplies, lumber, propane and other stuff is well organized. I can only hope that the latest group of three is over and there will be another period of everything working. Good luck.