The Mexican Border

The Mexican border is porous. There is no possibility of securing it with fences, technical surveillance or armed guards. It is too long and to rugged. Besides even if it were attempted, the immigrants will come by water all around the United States are come in through Canada. The solution in my opinion is to process them, give them a credit card and have it monitored by Visa, Master Card or American Express. They are much more efficient than our government. Many of the people in south Texas have historically gone across the border for dental work or medicine. Today Ciudad Acuna across the border from Del Rio is too dangerous. Piedras Negras, across the border from Eagle Pass is equally as dangerous. The towns are shut down and murders occur in the streets on a weekly basis. And yet our government broadcasts that the borders are now more secure than ever. The news media broadcasts that China will be the new superpower, attempting to alarm us about the decline of our country. I spent a month in China. Their problems are far worse than ours. The Chinese people all want out, want to come to America where there is opportunity. Their air and water are poisoned. Until no one wants to enter the USA, there will be a border problem. Document them, collect taxes and let them in. We can’t stop them anyway and spend billions of dollars kidding ourselves that the borders are secure.