The Internet

I was a late entry into the computer age but now I don’t know how I could exist without it. As a writer the convenience of writing and publishing with a computer is invaluable. I use the internet to research medication and health issues as well as information on my books. Marketing via the internet is amazing. Living in a remote area where shopping is next to impossible, the internet provides a convenience previously unthinkable. I can order products from the convenience of my computer and have them delivered within a few days. My relationship with my boyfriend might well have been saved by the internet. He was bitten by spiders while we slept. His arm was swollen and red. I tried the tried and true home remedies – ice, an antihistamine and a baking soda compress. They helped with the redness and swelling but not with the itch. Having been bitten by most everything, I was familiar with the itch that comes with the healing, an itch to change one’s personality and cause a desire to scratch the skin raw and prevent sleep. When his itch became intolerable and his attitude quite cranky, I went to the internet and found an unheard of remedy, heat delivered with a blow dryer. It worked famously. Not only does it work with spider bites, it also works with chiggers, ant bites, wasp stings and scorpions. Thank heaven for the internet.