The Family Farm

The Family Farm has been in my family for five generations. My great grandfather emigrated from Germany and purchased the farm in the mid 1800’s. The state of Texas awarded a plaque for the farm because it has been in continuous usage as farm land for over 100 years. We are proud of that honor. We have always just called it the farm, unlike the current trend to name a property and have an expensive and ornate gate with the name displayed. My family were hard working German farmers, people of the land. Now Houston has grown around our property. From the pecan orchard, modest mansions obscure the view. From the porch of my parent’s home, you can almost see Klein Cemetery where all my ancestors are buried. The ages-old cemetery is also surrounded by subdivisions with expensive homes. We are selling the farm because my brothers and myself are getting old. There are lots of children and grandchildren, all with diverse interests. With that in consideration, we are disposing of a property that could be encumbered by multiple owners. The only farmers left in my immediate family are those of us who have gardens and thanks to our genetic heritage, we all have gardens, fruit trees and some livestock. Only now we have our own farms or ranches and satisfy our love of the land on more remote acreage, not surrounded by the city. I cry every time I think of selling the farm but my brother David is holding on to a small portion and lives on the farm. I think that is the only thing that makes the sale palatable. David still owns a portion of the land. There will be a Klein living on the farm.