The Border Patrol

Living in southwest Texas near the Mexican border used to be fun. When my husband was alive, we would often visit Del Rio and go across the border into the town of Ciudad Acuna, shop and have lunch at Ma Crosbys, a restaurant and bar that had been in existence since the 1930’s. Unfortunately that is not possible now. Ma Crosbys is closed as are most of the businesses on the main drag. The town is a ghost town. The mayor was killed and beheaded. Gangs have taken over the town and murders are common. The number of illegal aliens being apprehended by the Border Patrol has increased over the last year and the numbers of Other Than Mexicans has also increased alarmingly. Weapons and ammunitions are being sent from the American side into Mexico. How do I know? Two of my friends have sons in the Border Patrol. The flow of drugs has also increased. Every week I read in the Uvalde paper that millions of dollars in drugs are being intercepted. Yet Homeland Security comes on television saying that the border is now more secure than ever. It is not true.