Surveillance Cameras

I understand that surveillance cameras are everywhere in the cities and parking lots of shopping centers. I realize that they are placed for security reasons and are instrumental in solving crimes. I don’t particularly like it but accept it, especially since I live on a remote ranch and am not severely affected by being scrutinized. Here on the ranch the surveillance cameras are entertainment. I have six of them, strategically placed at feeders and traps. Every week or so we remove the memory cards and plug them into my IPad for an hour or so of entertainment. Always we are surprised by something new. We have photos of hogs, axis deer, aoudad, sika, elk, turkeys, foxes, rabbits, coons and even a spotted jaguar. There are photos of deer fighting on their hind legs with their huge antlers clashing. The animals are photographed licking the salt and mineral blocks, jumping fences and eating corn and alfalfa. Wildlife abounds here in southwest Texas, among the rocks, cliffs and canyons. There is never a dull moment. I wouldn’t have it any other way.