Summer Vacation

Since summer is vacation time and the ranch just about burned me out with the garden, mowing, the rain and floods, equipment failure and repair, I decided to leave it all behind and take a trip. The Adriatic coast beckoned. I flew to Venice and traveled east along the Dalmatian coast, visiting Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Corfu and some Italian cities. I think this was the first time I traveled in prime tourist season. It will be the last. The crowds were oppressive in Venice, at the ruins in Pompeii, in the old walled town of Dubrovnik and especially in the airports. The one question everyone asks is always, “What was your favorite place?” My standard answer is, “All of them.” But I must confess that there is always a place that makes me smile. Slovenia captured my heart, a small country with salt, olives and not too many tourists. It doesn’t take long to tire of palaces, fortresses, watch towers, cathedrals and monasteries. I visited a small town of about 50 where the residents prepared local food in booths, ham, cheese, bread, vegetable lasagna, wine, brandy, olive oil and sausage. It was lovely and sang to my soul, since I am a fanatical foodie.