Summer and Sheep in the Hill Country

Summer has officially arrived in the Hill Country. For the last two summers drought dominated the area. Much of my time was spent watering my garden and fruit trees in an effort to keep them alive. This year started out much the same and then the rains came. For the first time in four years, a flood came down Bullhead Creek which runs through my ranch. Guests were stranded, got stuck and the crossings in my ranch were inundated. One crossing completely washed away. All that was left were the tin horns or culverts. Once the water receded, two days of work with a bulldozer and bobcat were required to restore the road. The county worked the other two crossings. The extreme weather was exciting. The following weeks provided three more inches of rain and my water catchment containers are full. Watering the garden is no longer necessary, at least for a while. The downside is that the grass grew and grew. Two summers of not having to mow or weed eat spoiled me. The mosquitos and chiggers are thriving. I’m giving away squash, peppers and green beans. And then I tried to pen the sheep to trap my ram for swapping him for some new blood. He has escaped three times and now I have to repair the pens before I attempt penning him one more time. I was so aggravated I was going to just shoot him but calmed down. Obviously I have a week of work between the mowing, weeding the garden and repairing the pens. Might as well get busy.