Strip Search

Earlier this week I had the privilege of being interviewed by Adriana Trevino on Fox News 2, KNVO 48, in McAllen, Texas. I drove the 350 miles south on the historic Highway 83, the longest north/south highway in America. Highway 83 goes from Mexico to Canada. Highway 90 is the longest east/west highway. My goal is to drive them both from end to end. I find it ironic that these two highways intersect in Uvalde, Texas, some 60 miles from my ranch and the trade center where I purchase groceries and supplies. Driving south on Highway 83, I passed through La Pryor, Crystal City and Carrizo Springs, all formerly small towns now booming due to the oil field discovery and production. From Laredo, I continued south through Zapata, Roma and Rio Grande City to McAllen. Many thoughts drifted through my mind, each town with former memories. Laredo reminded me of the time I returned from Puerto Vallarta on a road trip with my second husband, Raleigh. As we attempted to return to the USA and crossed the bridge at Laredo into Texas, the customs officials ordered us out of my Mercedes. I suppose it was due to Raleigh’s checkered past. I was escorted by a woman into a small cubicle. The door was locked as she joined me and asked me politely to remove all my clothes. I complied and stood buck naked in front of her while she examined every article of clothing, running her hand along each and every seam. Then she examined my armpits, between my toes and arms and fingers, supposedly looking for needle marks. She felt through my hair, lifted the back and checked my neck. Then she wordlessly left the room and locked me within. After a lifetime she returned and said I could get dressed and that I was free to go. Raleigh soon joined me having undergone the same experience. I wasn’t offended because I had nothing to hide. In fact I was grateful she didn’t examine a few more private crevices.