Spring Break

Spring break is a busy time to travel. I learned the hard way, flying to Boston to meet with my publicist. The flights were full of young students in the party mode. How all the unchecked luggage that people drag onto the plane doesn’t cause the plane to crash from overloading I’ll never know. They drag huge bags, stacked high, and where they are stowed I cannot comprehend. The students are jovial and loud. I don’t recall being like that when I was a college student but maybe I was. I remember being more restrained and well-mannered. Not so today. Manners have died along with common sense. I had been warned to appear hours before my flight due to the government spending cuts, advised that the lines for security would be long. That was not so. The lines were short, moved with efficiency and were well-staffed. For the first time ever, my watch was examined and my long hair was patted. Where do the students get the money to fly? I thought they were all enrolled on college loans that they have no intention of repaying. At the coffee kiosk in the airport, they were in line, buying water for $1.89, muffins, biscuits and donuts, paying cash. I noticed none of them used credit cards. I don’t have much hope for the younger generation. They will end up working for the government in overpaid jobs, making decisions that affect my life. Ugh.