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            Bernie Nelson, Lightword Publishing

Sonja’s impressive description of her journeys to the Middle East, South America, Alaska, Asia’s Silk road and more does not read like a travel guide. She reveals each country’s heart, covering religion, human rights, social consciousness, beauty and more. Sonja provides real-life insight into Texas ranch life, West Texas culture and her husbands 1-4. Sonja’s insights into the joys and heartaches of just being human are penetrating and her superb literary expression is remorselessly true to itself. Her enthralling accounts of her travels, personal life, ranch home life on Ambush Hill, Terlingua Chili Cook-offs and bestiality intruder are mesmerizing fun entertainment – an award caliber read not to be missed.

           Midwest Book Review, James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

As we crash through life, we change lives as we change our own.  “Honk If You Married Sonja:  The Travels and Essays of Sonja Klein” is a memoir from author sonja Klein who shares her life’s journey through Texas and everywhere else, finding her own adventure and experiencing what life has to offer, sharing what she’s learned and what she’s failed to.  “Honk If You Married Sonja” is a strong pick for general memoir collections, highly recommended.

            News Release April, 2011 – HONK IF YOU MARRIED SONJA- The Travels and Essays of Sonja Kleinn

“Texas- Join Texan Sonja Klein in adventure of merriment as she traverses the world. Share snippets of her fascinating life in the unique collection of essays and travel articles. Cruise in luxury, mount a camel, run the rapids and ride the rails. Written with a down-to-earth voice, HONK IF YOU MARRIED SONJA is both cosmopolitan and unabashedly Texan. The book sweeps the reader from Klein’s ranch in Real County, Texas to Vladivostok to Cuzco to Dubai to Samarkand and beyond. The book’s strength lies in the writer’s technique of unselfconscious revelations. Klein captures the true flavor and spirit of the people and the land she calls home. If ever there were a female “Gus” in Lonesome Dove, Klein is it. This heartbreaking, hilarious, and unapologetic account of her life is priceless. Sonja Klein is a native Texan and has won awards for her short stories, essays and poetry. She lives on a west Texas ranch called Ambush Hill.”


“Sonja has that rare ability to look at life (that’s yours and mine, Brother, but hers too) and laugh as she has a capacity for insight and an enthusiasm that is belief in people based.  A rare lady who can still wear pigtails and polka dots with grace and charm and see right through you with perfectly clear blue eyes.  You’d just as well laugh, ’cause you know there are no secrets.”


“If there was such a thing as the running of the bulls for females, it would be Sonja at the vanguard running from the bull (the kind most males put out), but laughing along the way and certainly from the hilltop as the lost their way below, never once thinking to look up…and not for lack of balls.”


“Sonja has that special kind of vision to see humor, value and hope in folks and the knack to get’er done when it comes to expressing it in a manner you’ll find readable, informative and entertaining.  Thought provoking?  I dunno, you’ll have to answer that one for yourself, Pard.


           Tracy Walsh, former Honda executive

“We’re talking about a native here that has a Texas hideout any horse-riding outlaw would be proud to have had; once left a cobra behind when it didn’t need spurs;a gal who has literally been all over the world; down rivers in rafts, slept on sand bars; made runs down parts of the Silk Road Marco Polo didn’t know about in ‘Stans’ that neither you nor I could pronounce, let alone get a visa for; visited Chicken It’sa (it’s not a fast food franchise) and Matza Peachoo (it’s the mountains, pretty far south; some think it was built before the Alamo or the internet); married a couple of fellers along the way; raised two great children; learned a lot.  Now if she’s willing to share ANY o’ that with you–well, it’s a bargain.  She is also literate and a person you’d be better for knowing’.  Get a lift and buy this book!  Read it too!”

           Carol Kothmann, managing editor,Uvalde Leader-News

“Sonja Klein has written numerous travel articles for the Uvalde Leader-News based on her trips throughout the world.  Readers have enjoyed her humorous take on travel experiences coupled with pertinent and interesting facts about the countries she has visited….Read her new book!”

          Roxanne Apple

“This book is as interesting as Sonja’s life, racy and full of the wit and wisdom of a great Texas ‘broad’.  Buy several copies and treat your friends.”

          Willie Edwards, Public Information Officer,Southwest Texas Junior College

“Sonja’s…stories capture the flavor and spirit of the people and land she calls home.  She has a reporter’s curiosity and writes with enthusiasm and flair.”

          Ted Monkhouse, Educational Media Consultantand Teacher (ret), Ontario, Canada

“I first met Sonja in Siberia.  Not just a tourist but an adventure traveler, she seeks out those nooks and crannies that speak to culture beyond the ‘must see’ sites.  Her numerous travel writings open up a world few of us in the western world experience.  Honk If You Married Sonja  is a guaranteed fascinating read, written by an individual with whom you’ll fall in love.”

          David R.

“Sonja has a style of writing that is really really so easy to read.”

          New York University Radio Art’s Talk Show

Sonja was recently interviewed for “CityWide,” WNYU-FM, New York University radio’s arts talk show. She spent 30 minutes visiting and answering questions from the host, Harris.”

          Fox News 26 Houston

“Fox News 26 from Houston sent a reporter and cameraman to Ambush Hill for two days where they filmed a segment to be aired in Houston, date to be announced.”

          San Antonio Express News

“The San Antonio Express News featured an article about Sonja on June 1, titled, “Texas Travel Writer Reveals What It Was Like to be Married to a Mafia Boss.”

         The Houston Chronicle

“The Houston Chronicle carried the same story on the same day.”

         Alan Caruba – Bookviews

“Some people just know how to get the most out of life and do so with gusto and the kind of courage most of us do not possess. One of them is Sonja Klein, the author of “Honk If You Married Sonja” and now her latest book, “Roundtrip from Texas” continues with more accounts from a life spent as a fifth generation Texan rancher in beween going off to all parts of the world. She married four men – hence the title of the first book – but it is her attitude and knowledge, especially of food, that will capture your interest and admiration. Musician Lyle Lovett is a cousin and recalls that “When I was a boy, Sonja was one of the first grown-ups in my life to show me it was okay to have fun. She was pretty, wore cool clothes, drove fast cars and raced motorcycles.” The spirit infuses the book, along with a keen eye and enjoyment of food as she describes meals in exotic places in loving detail, from sea bass in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Peking duck in Beijing. You may never visit these places, but you will feel like you have when you read this delightful book.”

         Uvalde Leader News & The Canyon Broadcaster

“She has also been recently featured in articles in the Uvalde Leader News and the Canyon Broadcaster. Book signings at the Camp Wood Public Library and at La Taza Coffee Shop in San Antonio have kept her busy.”

          Paul Roberts – WNTM-AM – Newton/Boston Massachusetts

“Paul Roberts with WNTN-AM in Newton/Boston Massachusetts conducted an interview aired on 1550 Magazine”

          Doug Gunther – WDST 100 Radio Woodstock

“Doug Gunther with WDST 100.1 Radio Woodstock interviewed Sonja for The Woodstock Roundtable.”

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