Social Media

Social media has replaced personal skills. It seems to me that no one converses except from their phone, IPad or computer. Texting has become a new language and abbreviations dominate the universe. There is Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and Chat groups as well as many others. I fell into that game and wish I had not. These groups all toot their own horn and spend time promoting themselves to no avail. I have not sold one book through this media. Through personal appearances I sell the most books. Word of mouth, not words on the internet moves more quickly. Of course that is just my opinion. The internet serves a great purpose. I use it for research. When my toenail turned white I went to the internet and used the Clorox remedy. It worked. When my hair began to fall out I again went to the internet and discovered that the prednisone drops I was putting in my eye to prevent inflammation from a detached retina were causing the problem. The internet also disseminates information that the government attempts to hide or cover up from the general populace. There is good and bad, but always remember it is the personal touch that counts.