Singapore Hotel

This is an amazing hotel in Singapore, a country that covers only about 245 square miles. This is a hotel with a swimming pool on the roof the length of a football field and a half, 150 meters. Fearing heights I did not visit the roof of this hotel but Ii did visit the famous Raffles Hotel named after the found of Singapore. It was a beautiful hotel with courtyards, gardens and expensive shops. The rooms start at $1400 per day. I visited the Long Bar on the second floor, the famous bar where the Singapore Sling was concocted. The drink was delicious with the main ingredients being pineapple juice, gin and cherry herring. There are all sorts of recipes for the drink, some including vodka as the main ingredient. The bar was quite fancy and on the table was a bowl of peanuts in the shell. I was instructed to throw the shells on the floor. It was difficult to do in such a fancy place so I piled them up on the table.