Self-publishing has been viewed in the past as vanity publishing and to be discouraged. After attending writers’ conferences and seminars, I came to the conclusion that self-publishing is the only way to go. I spoke with agents and publishers who were interested in my books but when I put the pencil to the endeavor I came out the loser. I found an editor who was very knowledgeable and led me through the process of self-publishing. If one has an agent, the agent is paid, the publisher pays the author a pittance and then prints the book. The time frame from agent who has to market the book to publisher and a published product takes years. The time frame is long. Once the book is published, the author is expected to market the book. The author does not own the books and if the author wishes to sell the books, he or she must buy the books from the publisher. Granted the price is discounted, the author still does not own the books. Obtaining bids from printers is simple, ISBN numbers, bar codes and the LCN number can all be gotten via the internet. Self-publishing has nothing to do with vanity. It’s simply good business sense. Why pay all the middle men at your own expense. I’m currently in the process of publishing my second and third books. Marketing and publicity are different. I’ll tell you about them on my next blog.