Roundtrip from Texas

Just received my first review on my latest book, Roundtrip from Texas. Even though the book was published in April, reviews are a long time coming. I have to quote it because it is a good one. Forgive my vanity but even writers need a boost now and then. Here it is. Roundtrip from Texas: More Travels and Essays from Sonja Klein is a true tales travelogue collection from free-spriited author Sonja Klein, and the follow-up to her previous book “Honk If You Married Sonja.” The joys of the journey, discovery, and adventure are reflected in each vignette, equally enjoyable when browsed a few at a time or read all at once. Sonja’s destinations range from California to New York to Vietnam and China, and her stories offer such vivid, memorable minutiae (plus the occasional history lesson) that reading Roundtrip from Texas is the next best thing to personally experiencing a global jaunt. “At the end of the dirt path, a small bus drove us through the rice fields to Oudong, an elaborate and beautiful Buddhist monastery, funded primarily by Buddhists not currently living in Cambodia. After climbing the many marble steps in the rain, we removed our shoes and entered the monastery for a water blessing by three Buddhist monks. Sitting cross-legged on the carpet, I closed my eyes and went into a meditative state. When I opened my eyes, I was covered with jasmine blossoms. The fragrance was overwhelming.”