Roundtrip From Texas

At last my second book is finished and will be in print and available for order next week from Amazon or from this website. The book is titled, “Roundtrip from Texas.” The final formatting was a challenge and a struggle but well worth the effort. Now for the marketing. In the meantime I am finishing the final touches on my next book which will be titled “No Quarter.” This book will be my first published fiction and is set in Texas in contemporary times. At last we have been blessed with rain at the ranch. The garden is planted and we are at last a bit successful in trapping hogs, having trapped 15 in the last month. There are so many more to eradicate. The good news is that we eat them and that the meat is delicious and not fatty as one would think. Ranch work never ends. We are modifying the water system, setting up water catchment from the various roofs on the ranch and feeding lambs, keeping them penned to protect them from predators. Living in harmony with nature is not easy. The land and nature allows us as sojourners to reside in this remote canyon. The hummingbirds and bees are making their presence known. Spring is in the air and I can only hope the mild spring weather will continue for a few months before the ravages of a Texas summer take charge. In the meantime I will enjoy what Mother Nature provides.