Roundtrip From Texas

My new book “Roundtrip From Texas,” will be published next week. While I have received endorsements for the book, I have chosen these words for the back cover. “I believe that we are travelers and that traveling helps us find ourselves. Most human contacts have been made through travel by wandering pilgrims who approached the meaning of life through walking. We might be able to think and live better and be closer to our purpose in life if we moved continually across this earth. I hope that this book will stir the hunger within you to experience the romance of life. My wish for you is to leave the prison of necessity that diverts from the true life of the spirit. Walk through that door, where an untraveled world beckons, for we are all born adventurers. You might as well admit it. Travel writing is about story telling and I can only hope that I have told my story well. Most of all, I invite you to join me.”