Ringtail and Auodad

This morning as I descended the outdoor staircase from my bedroom to enter the kitchen, it was still dark with a threat of the dawn. I almost fell over a dead ringtail, also known as a civet. He appeared to be quite young and quite dead. I hadn’t seen one in years and couldn’t determine what had killed him except that maybe it was my ranch cat, Parlay. Parlay kills mice, rats, baby rabbits but never has he killed a ringtail that appeared to be close to his size. The dead ringtail did explain what had been eating the bait in the coon trap and why I haven’t trapped a coon in the last week. As my ranch manager and I went to fill feeders and remove memory cards from the surveillance cameras, we placed the dead carcass on one of the burn piles awaiting rain for safety reasons. I always enjoy downloading the pictures from the four cameras to see what we have been feeding. This morning I discovered that the turkeys, the big black hog, white tail deer, an Axis doe and some aoudad have been eating the corn and maize. The black hog seems to favor one feeder between 7 and 8 p.m. Three coons are eating the corn in the hog trap and a herd of aoudad came down to the creek bottom one night at 10 p.m. Two of the coons we have trapped and relocated, being averse to killing anything we don’t eat. In a few days I’ll do it again, never knowing what the camera might photograph. Never a dull day at Ambush Hill Ranch.