Last weekend I attended a reunion of a high school class with which I did not graduate. I only attended the high school for the first two years. I had not seen most of the 59 graduates in decades. Several I recognized, having kept in touch. Once I read their name tags, I made the connection. Inside the aging bodies, the spirits remained the same. Life’s experiences seasoned us well. Memories flooded as we spoke of our favorite teachers and the ones no longer alive. We were kinder, more considerate as we shared life stories. Popularity was no longer a contest. The same thing occurred when I attended a reunion of the high school class with which I did graduate. Judgment no longer existed. We were all the same. The bad memories were forgotten, the slights and insults so important as teenagers fell by the wayside. We laughed a lot and most of us went home feeling better about ourselves and remembered to count our blessings.