Often I feel that the American spirit is slowly dying. We sit quietly while Congress spends our tax dollars and the President usurps our freedoms with executive orders. Now they are trying to limit our guns and ammunition. On a recent trip to Uvalde, Texas for groceries and supplies I came upon some road repairs. One lane of the highway was blocked. The procedure is to wait for a pilot car to lead you along the open lane, going back and forth all day. The back of the pilot truck has big lettering that reads, “Follow me.” I don’t like to follow. So when I came to the blocked lane and saw a red light with no one in sight, I didn’t stop but rather continued along the one open lane. About a mile further I was met by the pilot car traveling in the opposite direction. He flagged me over, rolled down his window and asked, “Didn’t you see the red light back there?” I played dumb. “No, I’m sorry.” He appeared frustrated. He said, “Follow me,” and turned around, leading me as prescribed. As we drove further, we met a car. He flagged that one down and probably asked them the same question. We met three more cars after that one. No one was paying attention to the red lights at either end of the road repairs. There were five of us rebels. When we arrived at the end of the blocked lane, there were three cars patiently waiting at the red light. I smiled. Good news. Five rebels and three sheep. I was encouraged.