Rain in the Hill Country

So far this year I have received only .3 inches of rain. The grass is brown and the wildlife and stock are suffering. On top of that I have been following the Cliven Bundy event on the news. I feel that this man is standing up against government intervention and advocating states rights. The rural way of life is disappearing. Farmers and ranchers are having a hard time making a living, except for those that receive subsidies and allotments. What do the federal government and the bureaucrats that inhabit the offices know about land use and management? There is a hidden agenda about this Bundy thing. Why after 20 years is the government forcing a showdown? Perhaps they covet the land for oil and mineral production. I cannot imagine the millions they are spending to round up 900 head of cattle or the resources to place federal officers on the scene in Nevada, especially when our president spent 1.3 million dollars in one night staying in Brussels. Government abuse is rampant and yet we have the temerity to accuse other government of being corrupt. Perhaps we should look in the mirror.