Most of the time I am so caught up in running the ranch, writing and gardening that I forget about sheer pleasure, pleasure just for the sake of fun. Sure I enjoy the sunrise, sunset and the early morning birds and evening whippoorwills and an afternoon of sitting down by the creek and fishing but as for swimming and sitting in the creek, I never in 20 years sat in the creek. My son and his friends, my daughter and her friends drag chairs and a cooler into the clear shallow waters of the Bullhead Creek and merely sit, sometimes throwing rocks at each other. I thought it was silly.
This week my daughter and grandson came for a week’s visit. She convinced me to carry our short beach chairs, a cooler of beer and lots of sunscreen to sit in the shallow cool spring water. We spent a delightful afternoon and my grandson loved it. I think I might do it again and it wasn’t silly. It was fun.