The Oil Boom

I find it quite ironic that two of the largest oil booms in the United States are taking place at the extreme ends of Highway 83 which I recently traveled. The southern most is the Eagle Ford Shale in the area south of Uvalde, near Carrizo Springs and Crystal City. These once declining towns are now reeking with posterity. The same applies to the Baaken discovery in North Dakota at the northern end of Highway 83. The town of Minot, North Dakota is thriving with a mall and all of the luxuries that the franchise stores offer. Even though the temperature drops to 40 below zero in the winter, the oil field workers are contributing to the economy and development of our natural resources. On the other end, the oil field workers in south Texas brave the extreme heat of Texas summers. I say hats off to the men and women who make America the best and who are out there working rather than drawing entitlements and saying, “Poor me.”