Ambushed By America

The Third Book… More Wit and Wisdom from Sonja Klein





  Prepare for a fun ride with local author Sonja Klein and read “Ambushed by America.” Buckle your seat belts and get ready for more rip-roaring adventures with the writer who’s been called the “West Texas version of Jack Kerouac.” Author Sonja Klein, who won the hearts of countless fans with her previous books, “Honk If You Married Sonja” and “Roundtrip from Texas,” has done it again with her latest collection of essays on life, love, travel, and encounters with the screw-up fairy in “Ambushed by America.”

You’ll be laughing, crying, giggling and grinning as the witty and wise Sonja takes you along for another unforgettable ride.! Sonja writes, “At the end there is usually something left to add. Surrender to the treasures of books instead of engaging in pointless relationships that often end in neglect. With books one can treat those feeling not recognized by disease and never diagnosed by a doctor. Books are the medicine for afflictions of the soul. Books keep stupidity at bay and provide love from within.

They become lifelong companions. Some books are friends who comfort you, others are a slap in the face, and some are like chocolate candy – sweet and satisfying. I hope this book is one of those. ! “Ambushed by America,” is available now from Amazon and will be available locally after May 17.


About The Author

Sonja Rose Klein is a fifth generation Texan, a native Houstonian, and graduate of The University of Texas. She has taught school, worked at NASA as an editor and after retiring as a property tax consultant, she moved to the Nueces Canyon 18 years ago where she gardens, reads avidly, writes and raises a few sheep as well as hosting short term rentals on four of the homes on her isolated ranch. Her second book, Roundtrip From Texas, was released in 2013.

Publicity surrounding the book included a visit from Fox News and a TV appearance. Sonja is active in the nearby communities of Barksdale and Camp Wood and has won awards for her poetry, essays, and short stories. Her first book, Honk If You Married Sonja: The Travels and Essays of Sonja Klein, has received rave reviews from Lightword Publishing and Midwest Reviews and five star reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

She is a solo adventure traveler, having visited remote places around the world. Her travels include Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, east Africa, China, India, Malaysia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Indonesia, and many more. Sonja is currently writing her fourth book, Saplings, Twigs and Switches, dividing her time between her ranch in Real County and her casita in Alpine,