I cannot think of an instance when I was not on good terms with my neighbors. Yet I know of many instances where neighbors do not speak or even do not know each other. Not so where I live. We have a saying out here in southwest Texas that good fences make good neighbors. The first thing I did when I bought my ranch was to meet my neighbors. When you live in a relatively remote area where emergency services are at least an hour away, neighbors are important, especially if you are alone. During the years when we had rain, bridges were not constructed and we had frequent floods, I depended on a neighbor with a bulldozer to clear the roads out of my ranch. A flat tire precipitated a call to a neighbor. Often prescriptions were picked up from the nearest pharmacy which is 60 miles away. As neighbors we cooperate on controlling predators in order to protect our livestock. We keep an eye on each other’s property when someone is out of town. We share stories and experiences, yet we don’t intrude on our neighbors’ privacy. Should we love our neighbor as ourself? Of course.