My favorite Authors

I have no picture to accompany this post.  As an author, traveler and reader I enjoy books by travel authors.  Among my favorites are Paul Theroux, Bruce Chatwin, Richard Halliburton, John McPhee and Bill Bryson.  Bill Bryson writes about other things too.  In fact most travel writers don’t write exclusively about traveling.  Insights are included.  I also enjoy reading authors from other countries.  I love the truths of Tahir Shah, the mysteries of John Burdett, the books set in Tibet by Eliot Pattison and the writing of Arturo Perez-Reverte.   While I read for content I also read for literary style.  Books with grammar and spelling errors bring me to a stand still.  I think that to be a writer you have to be a reader. I read many books, all genres.  I enjoy fantasy especially Lord Dunsany, the father of fantasy.  One of my favorite books is “The Once and Future King,” by T. H. White.  Lord Dunsany and T. H. White in my opinion are heads above current day fantasy writers.  The book “Out Of Africa,” conveys the author’s love of her adopted country.  James Lee Burke, whose mysteries are set in south Louisiana, is one of the best contemporary writers.  Among the classics I love Hemingway.  If James Joyce were an author today, I don’t believe he would be published.  Wordy, flowery books don’t appeal to me.  And then there’s “Lonesome Dove.”  among my all time favorites.   Being a Texan I enjoy books written about and in Texas.  I’ll mention some of them in my next blog.