Mountain Lion/Cougar

This morning I saw a picture from a surveillance camera on my ranch. It was a full grown mountain lion, also called cougar, an imposing animal. I have seen two in the 20 years I have been here. Now another caught on camera. Bobby took the picture to town and showed it around. A retired government trapper said that in 30 days, the animal will be back. He recommended killing a porcupine and leaving it upright, that the big cats will slap it on the head and turn it over, that they are curious about porcupines. He also said that a skunk works too. The cougars will rub the skunk scent on themselves to disguise their odor from their prey. Interesting stuff and I have no doubt as to the truth. We also heard a wolf howl last night, not coyotes. A coyote’s yip is much higher than that of a wolf or wolf/coyote cross. This is wild and wooly country. I suppose a black bear will be next.