More Adopted Children

I’ve added two more to my adopted children with Child Fund.  Since I adopted a girl from Cambodia and a girl from Bolivia, I chose to adopt two boys from my own country.  After all, if I can’t help those at home, I won’t be able to help those from other parts of the world.  I have adopted a Native American boy from South Dakota and an Hispanic from deep in south Texas.   I’m looking forward to hearing from them.  I have received two letters each from my girls.  Their letters are hand written in their native language and the translator’s version is included in typewritten form.  The translations have not been very clear, but it is a form of communication.  I can’t give you their names but I would like too.  I think it might get me into trouble.  I sent each of the girls ribbons twice and they did not acknowledge the gift.  I think the first ones may have been confiscated.  In my second letter to them I added that I had included a ribbon.  I have yet to hear from them.  It will be interesting.  Child Fund says that I can send stickers and ribbons but no other items or money.  I can send Child Fund money for them on their birthdays or other events.  I have pictures of them but don’t think I should post them either.  I look forward to more corresponding with my two new sons.  After all, I’m a writer.