Modern Technology

I have a love/hate relationship with modern technology. For Christmas my son gave me a device to use at book signings. It is a picture frame with a computer inside. The way it works is to download pictures from my IPad or computer or camera and then it displays the pictures in a slide show. First of all I am severely challenged with my digital camera, my Kindle, IPad and computer. With a lot of frustration I manage to keep them all charged and functioning on a pre-school and maybe a kindergarten level. This device was so well packaged I almost needed a jackhammer and an advanced degree to open the thing. When I saw the instruction book in various languages and the cords and charger, I put it away for the time being. I know I possess undiagnosed advanced attention deficit disorder. Three weeks passed before I took the thing out of the drawer and began to read the instruction book in English. Again I put it back in the drawer, planning to have some professional help. A week later I retrieved it and with the little patience I possess, I began to follow the setup instructions. First I had to charge it. Not too difficult. Within an hour it hadn’t charged fast enough. No surprise. When it finally would allow me to turn it on with a tiny plastic remote control, I discovered I had to set the date and time. Why, I cannot imagine. Who cares the date and time? I just wanted to put some pictures on the thing. After the hour in which I calmed down I managed to set the date but not the time. I inserted the memory card from my camera and wallah, the pictures appeared. Some of the pictures should be deleted, but that was another process. I put it back in the drawer. My next project was to set up my ranch ledgers on Quick Books which I had downloaded several months ago. I shelved that project for one of my patient days.