Marketing and Publicity

The easiest part about writing is the writing and the most fun part too. Publishing is just a job, not too painful but the marketing and publicity can be fun if you work at it. I have been turned down by top-notch publicists, mainly because they do not specialize in my genre. You have to search for the right fit. A publicist does not want you if you or your book are not marketable. After all, the results reflect their professionalism. They don’t want to bomb any more than the writer does.
I am currently waiting to hear from a publicist on my new book. Obtaining reviews is a tedious process and lining up speaking engagements and book signings is time-consuming. I love speaking engagements, not so much book signings. The author has to sell himself/herself and exhibit passion for the book. Groups such as linked in and face book and blog post groups are mainly all trying to market their books or products. I have not found them very helpful but persist. Time will tell.