Lyle Lovett

Lyle Lovett is my cousin and was kind to endorse my latest book, “Roundtrip From Texas.” Following is an excerpt from his comments. “When I was a boy, Sonja Klein was one of the first grown-ups in my life to show me it was okay to have fun. My first memories of her are of liking her and wanting to be around her. She always seemed happy and excited about whatever she was doing. She was pretty, wore cool clothes, drove fast cars and raced motorcycles. Sonja gave me my first job away from the family farm, working as a 13-year old floor sweeper and window washer at her newly acquired Honda and Yamaha shop in Conroe, Texas. She taught me that being responsible to my own interests was one of life’s greatest gifts. She taught me that it’s possible to be a good, productive person and still embrace with enthusiasm the unknown possibilities every day has to offer. In “Roundtrip From Texas,” you’ll get to know Sonja too, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.” What a great endorsement from an extremely great man and talented performer. I’m so honored he remembers me so admirably. Makes my life worth while.