I don’t believe in love, at least love between a man and a woman. I believe in love between parents and children, family, God and nature but my experiences with men cause me to doubt love between a man and a woman that lasts forever. There are exceptions but not many. Having been married four times, I have discovered that love does not last. I know of few marriages where spouses have been faithful. Rather I believe in respect and integrity. From experience respect disintegrates with time. Respect is hard to maintain in a man/woman relationship. When I was growing up, families did not say “I love you,” to end conversations. I think the sentence has become trivialized. Communication is lacking as the respect diminishes. Lust and chemistry are often mistaken for love. When that high lessens, the relationship will diminish until there is nothing left. Being in the last quarter of life, my viewpoint is changing. I think I have found the love that has eluded me my entire life. I still don’t believe in marriage. Yes, marriage is necessary for children but beyond that, the piece of paper means nothing. In fact, that piece of paper changes everything. It did for me in my later marriages. I felt trapped and that isn’t a good feeling. Weird how that marriage certificate affects a relationship. I won’t do it again. No reason to do so. Time will tell but for now I believe in love once again.