Life in the Hill Country

I haven’t blogged in a while, no excuse, just lazy with the holidays, company and the cold weather. This week I’m back on track, trying to lose the few pounds I gained eating Thanksgiving and Christmas food. Have been cleaning out closets and drawers and organizing the kitchen at the guest lodge, now aptly named the skunk house. The story begins the week before Thanksgiving. In anticipation of company, I took supplies to the lodge and must have left the front door open or ajar and when I returned several days later discovered a pile of scat and some chewed paper. I cleaned it up and assumed the varmint had departed. I was wrong. The day of guest and family arrivals, the signs were back. I knew there was an animal in the lodge but chose to ignore it, thinking I did not wish to deal with the animal I assumed was a squirrel or even worse a raccoon. My reasoning was that the men to arrive would be better equipped to handle the problem. My daughter, husband and two children were due late that evening. I gave them no warning and went to bed. The following morning my daughter called. The skunk was under the bed in the master bedroom. They left the doors open and moved to the log cabin on the property, but not before the skunk sprayed the room. The skunk left sometime in the night. His smell he left for us. We stripped the bed, dusted the floor with baking soda and opened the windows. I returned to my house and got on the internet where I discovered that a bowl of vinegar placed in the room would kill the odor. Within hours there was absolutely no trace of a skunk scent. Unbelievable. The remainder of the guests arrived. Everyone returned to the lodge and the Thanksgiving was thankful.