The Internet

I love the internet. Living on a remote ranch, far from the conveniences of city life, I can order parts for all of the things that break down out here. When my reverse osmosis unit began to leak, I went to the internet, ordered new filters and a new faucet unit. I ordered a propane meat smoker after researching cost and customer reviews. I order clothing, chia seeds, Krill oil, shoes, a meat tenderizer, floor mats for my new truck and even a DNA kit, though it hasn’t been delivered yet. So much time is saved researching a product on the internet and usually the correct order is delivered to my gate. Paying the postage is worth it, given the price of gasoline. I use the internet for recipes but have not thrown away or donated my recipe books, since I believe that the grid will shut down and chaos will reign. I’m ready with my garden and plentiful game and fish was well as water. Researching history is easy with the internet but I don’t believe everything I read and sometimes check it out on Snopes. I prefer the internet to TV except that now ads pop up targeting my purchase preferences. Privacy is sacrificed for access to the internet. So far I have nothing to hide.