There’s hunting and there’s shooting. My ranch, Ambush Hill, offers both. There are feeders with surveillance cameras and then there are the rugged cliffs, deep canyons and heavy brush. Shooting would be walking out of the lodge in the early morning or evening and selecting an axis deer to shoot while the animal is eating at the feeder. Hunting would involve a lot more, perhaps sitting on the cliff and surveying the creek bottom, searching with binoculars and waiting to see what animals appear. There might be a black buck, some hogs, turkeys, aoudad or even a fallow deer. That would be hunting. Even walking the rough terrain and waiting near a game trail would be hunting. Many city folks prefer the shooting, the easy way. Hunting is a different sport and in my opinion a challenge and a real sport. The accommodations at the ranch include a hunter’s cabin and a fancy lodge with three bedrooms and three baths as well as WiFi, a fire pit, a barbecue pit and a library of movies. To view the ranch go to my website, There you can read about the ranch, watch the video and maybe even purchase my books, non-fiction, that reveal the vagaries of living on the ranch and traveling all over the world solo as an adventure traveler. I promise you will be entertained.