Hill Country Wildlife

I know I have written often about the wildlife out here in Real County. I don’t believe in high fences. The only high fences on my ranch, Ambush Hill, are to keep the animals out of the yards surrounding my home, the guest lodge and the guest cabin. These high fences prevent the animals from eating the fruit trees, the garden, my flowers and shrubs and herbs. Unfortunately those fences only keep out the big animals. Only a few feet from my back door, I have trapped, shot and seen possums, coons, foxes, bobcats, skunks, porcupines, wild hogs, wild turkeys, rock squirrels and gray squirrels. The first thing I do when I step out the door is to look around and see if anything is trespassing on my privacy. I cannot even mention the vast variety of birds that frequent my feeders. Three hummingbird feeders are continually empty and the grain in the other bird feeders disappears at the rate of about 20 pounds a week. I’m not complaining, just asking for a small safe area. I don’t like zoos where animals are held in captivity. I believe in freedom. Out here the animals run free. Mother Nature is in charge. I’m not.