Hill Country Summer Squash

As summer draws to a dry end, the gardens are singing their last hurrah. I still have squash – yellow, green scalloped, butternut and zucchini. We have a saying, “Don’t leave your pickup unlocked or you will find a bag of squash on the front seat. Most Texans prefer their squash fried. I don’t. I saut√© with bacon or onions or boil with sugar and peppers. My favorite way to cook squash is to prepare what I have created and call vegetable dressing. I use squash, broccoli,cauliflower, okra, carrots, spinach, kale or whatever fresh veggie I have on hand or in the garden. I saut√© the veggies, diced small, in a bit of olive oil with peppers, onions and fresh garlic. When the veggies are near done, I add quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) and let the ingredients cook until the mixture resembles a dressing. The dish is very tasty and low on calories. Butternut squash I bake with chili powder or with sugar, butter and cinnamon. I’ll be picking squash, peppers, cherry tomatoes, okra and cucumbers until the first freeze. In the meantime I have ground prepared for my winter garden. I’ll brag about that later.