Hill Country Hazards

I haven’t blogged in quite a while, mainly because I have been busy keeping the ranch together. After returning from my long ride up Highway 83, I returned home to prepare the blinds and feeders for hunting season. Eight blinds, feeders, cameras are a chore, especially when the terrain is so rugged, four-wheel drive required on some places. The animals wreak havoc. The coons eat the corn, the aoudad knock the feeders over. The batteries fail, the memory cards wear out. The jeep is low on gas or the battery is weak. And then then preparations for Thanksgiving, purchasing and unloading the food for guests staying in two of the guest lodges, not really guests, just friends and family. The week before Thanksgiving I found the front door of the big lodge open. I looked in and saw that there was some animal shit and scraps of paper on the living room floor. I walked through the house and discovered a three-foot rat snake stuck in one of the mouse traps. He was still alive.d I threw him out the door, unloaded the groceries and supplies and left, suspecting another visitor somewhere in the house. I didn’t look too hard. I was tired. The following day I went back, unloaded more supplies and noticed more disturbance. Not wanting to deal with it I left. My company arrived the next evening. As they were unloading, they smelled skunk. The skunk was under the bed in the master bedroom. He/she sprayed. The company fled to the other guest house, leaving the doors open. The following morning the skunk had left but not without leaving a strong odor. Daughter and I stripped the beds, sprinkled baking soda on the carpet and turned on the fans and opened the windows and washed all the bedding. The internet
provided the answer, a bowl of vinegar. We placed it on the bed, shut the door and the next morning not a trace of skunk smell remained in the house, but of course the central heat quit working. Fortunately I had four new electric heaters for some of the other houses. They kept the house warm and Thanksgiving proceeded as planned. This Thanksgiving will forever be remembered as the Thanksgiving of the skunk.