Hill Country Flooding

I had forgotten how exciting when Bullhead Creek comes down, causing flooding and isolation. Unfortunately this past weekend was the first hunters booked since I purchased the adjoining ranch. Good sense would have caused them to cancel but no, the screwup fairy evidently wanted them to come anyway. Rain was forecast for the entire weekend and the heavens opened up, depositing 6 inches in a short time. The paying hunters shot nothing and managed to get stranded, stuck in the mud and track mud in the lodge. As of this writing I am still stranded between two impassable crossings, my guide is isolated at the lodge and the crossing on that part of the ranch is washed out. The culverts are still in place but no gravel on top of them. This would have been an exciting event had it not been for the hunters. They finally made it out yesterday evening. A friend in Barksdale called and said the roadblocks are out 10 miles down the road and that the county/state is amassing a caravan with front end loaders, maintainers, a bulldozer and what else to come and fix the crossings. There are quite a few before they get to me. Only an inch and a half of rain has fallen the entire year and now we are up to seven and a half inches, a far cry from our annual rainfall total with the year nearly half over. Seven years have passed since we’ve had a serious flood. The sun came out, the roads were cleared, the creek is full. God bless America.