Hill Country Continuation

I have been delayed on the continuation of the story. My daughter and family came for the weekend and I couldn’t bear to spend one minute away from my 3 1/2 year old grandson, Theiss, rhymes with nice. We had a great visit and a nice sunny warm day for a change, cooking steaks and ribs outside. But back to the story. I returned home, hooked up my computer and since everything seemed to be working, I shut it down and slept well, not knowing the day ahead. When I returned to my computer early the following morning with my first cup of coffee, I discovered that the internet was not connected. Thinking I had plugged the cables wrong, I called a knowledgeable friend. We worked for a few hours, thought it might me my DSL/router box and went down to the guest lodge and tried that box. Since we were trying everything we went over to the bunkhouse and got that box too. Alas, no luck. I called my computer guru and he walked me through switching all sorts of cables. Still no internet. I called my phone company and waited patiently for the return call. Nothing is worse that waiting for a phone call. I thought of everything I could be doing outside and waited. He called and again we switched cables. He said he’d have the Apple/Mac guy call. The evening darkened and I gave up, until the phone rang. He tried some things to no avail. Then we hooked up the old box and surprise, I was back on the internet. The evening became a celebration. But the next day I had to reconnect all the boxes I had pillaged from my guest houses. I learned one thing. Don’t over engineer something simple. The most important thing I learned was that I can’t live without my computer and that is not to my liking. I like to be in control and self-sufficient, so the lesson was one of humility.