Hill Country Computers

I haven’t blogged lately because my Apple/Mac computer rejected my advances. One hour it was working and the next hour the monitor gave me a message that said no signal. Sure enough there was no signal. It stared with that pesky little mouse, a cordless one. That message read, “Mouse battery low.” I dutifully went to the battery drawer. I have a special drawer in the kitchen that contains lots of batteries of every size. On a ranch with six houses and three barns I always need batteries, lots of batteries. After replacing the batteries, the mouse did not work. Not to be deterred I went to the closet and retrieved a mouse with a cord. Rule number one, always have a spare or backup for everything including mops, brooms and whatever. Alas, the mouse with the cord had a short cord. I thought, no problem, and crawled down on the floor and moved everything around, stirring up a lot of embarrassing dust. Fortunately no one was around to see my dirty floor. Unfortunately nothing would work. I plugged and unplugged every connection with no results. It was time to call in the posse, my computer guru. Of course it was on a Saturday. He was home but was ailing from an accident and unable to drive. He patiently told me what components and cords to bring. The drive to Kerrville takes close to two hours, but before I left I had to find my boyfriend who was somewhere on the ranch filling feeders and retrieving memory cards from surveillance cameras. I was lucky to find him without too much difficulty and wasted time and arrived at the computer hospital by 2 p.m. The first thing he did was spray the components with air. Dust flew. After hooking everything up, the computer started with charm. He discovered that there were 2400 permissions and explained in kindergarten terms what that was. I still didn’t understand. Aron tempered my humiliation by asserting that it’s a good thing something went wrong because I wasn’t too far from a crash. He conducted some of his wizard tricks and was preparing a major download when I explained that I had to leave by 4 pm because driving at night is difficult with my bad eye. He carefully explained how to re-hook everything up and let me go home. I worried the entire drive whether I could successfully put my Mac back together. My worry was justified. I’ll continue tomorrow. The story gets better.