Guns in Texas are a part of everyday life. I carry a rifle in my pickup, a pistol in my car and have other guns in strategic places. I was given my first fun at the age of 12 and taught safety and how to shoot it. My brothers and I grew up hunting, eating what we killed. A shotgun sits next to my bed. I live on a remote ranch and do not lock my doors. I have guns. My neighbors have guns. My friends load their own ammunition. It seems the government has first tried to limit the availability of bullets by putting expiration dates, then by limiting access and supply. Now they’re trying to limit the clips. Somehow I don’t think the American public will give up their guns. There are hundreds of thousands of licensed hunters in every state. The armed civilian population far exceeds the numbers of our military. I would like to know why Homeland Security has purchased millions of rounds of ammunition and is currently buying 2200 tanks with the lettering “RESCUE” on the sides and also wants to purchase 30,000 drones. What do they have in mind? I don’t want to think the worst but I do. I think it will all come down to the words on a flag during the fight for Texas independence. “Come and Take It.” I’m armed. I hope you are too.