Four days of gray skies may seem gloomy, but today the sun is shining though it is only 31 degrees. The beauty of the season is that although the heavens were gray, I knew that sooner or later the sun will shine and the blue skies of Texas will return. And then I remembered the month I spent in China last year. Only on the last day in Shanghai did I see a blue sky or the sun. The atmosphere in China is a yellowish gray and people wear masks. Even on the Yangtze River cruising through the gorges, the sky was sickly. I thought of children growing up and never seeing a rainbow or rarely viewing a clear blue sky or thunderstorms or lightning and I felt sad. Then there is the cleanliness of China. There is no potable water from taps, even in 5-star hotels. You cannot brush your teeth with tap water. The toilets are Asian, that is to say they are merely holes flush with the floor and the holes are not very big. Subsequently, there are a lot of misses so that you are standing in the waste of those who came before. You try to avoid your pant legs or long skirt touching the floor. The hotels have regular toilets. The rumors that America is becoming a third world country are untrue. I have traveled all over the world and this country is still the boss and will be for a long time. God bless America.