Living on a remote ranch in west Texas, I have few friends, close friends. I play bridge with friends, and encounter them on rare trips to town, but the friends that I haven’t seen in years always seem to amaze me. When I attended a university sorority reunion, I hadn’t seen any of those gals in over 40 years. When we reunited it was as if the years had never passed. Likewise when I had lunch with a high school girlfriend. We automatically returned to the friendship we enjoyed as teenagers. My cousin with whom I shared summer visits was the same sweet friend I had known as a child. I think the bond once forged in friendship lasts forever, unlike loves that are lost or ruined by circumstance. We have all read those trite saying about friends – a friend is someone who doesn’t visit you in jail but is there in jail with you or some such stuff. Out here in west Texas, neighbors are friends, someone you can call when you can’t fix your flat, or your truck is broken down or you need help loading stock in a trailer or you have something in a trap that you can’t extricate without help. Life is about people, not things and friends are what makes life better.