Foxes and other varmints

Last blog I wrote about the bobcat. Now we also have two foxes coming to the hog trap. At the other feeder, the surveillance camera shows three coons and two rabbits as well as the big spotted hog. The coons we trap and relocate. The rabbits we let them live so they feed the bigger prey such as mountain lions or cougars and bobcats. However it doesn’t seem to work since the lambs are being eaten too. I can’t begin to describe how many wild turkeys we have, over 50, and the number of white tail deer, axis deer and aoudad. I also spotted a lone eagle on the top of tree high upon the cliff. The red tailed howls fly over the canyon. Their screams are shrill. The axis bark when threatened and the axis males scream hoarsely when they are courting. The mild weather has brought out a few insects and it almost sounds like the symphony of spring and summer. Life is wild, free and good in the canyon lands.