Fox News

Last month I was interviewed on Fox News in McAllen. I was very impressed with their professionalism and ease. Earlier this week, Fox News from Houston came to the ranch and spent the better part of two days filming and interviewing me about my life and my books. How did this happen? My publicist contacted them and somehow convinced Fox News that I was an interesting sort of person, being more so as a native of Houston. I have a great publicist, Victor Gulotta, and even though he is a Yankee and lives in the Boston area, he is doing a great job promoting my book. The Fox News crew was two men, a reporter and a cameraman. My boyfriend Bobby and I took them on a four-wheel drive to the high point and back of the ranch. We walked to the cliff, avoiding the cactus plants along the path. They spent the night in the guest lodge and we fed them a ranch meal, grilled steaks, lamb chops, goat steaks, tomatoes from the garden, Kentucky Wonder green beans from the garden, German potato salad, watermelon and cantaloupe. They filled their plates a second time. The following morning they were up at sunrise to photograph the deer and the sunrise. The reporter used a remote controlled helicopter to film me working and picking the garden and walking down by the clear waters of Bullhead Creek. Bobby fed them steak fajita tacos, fresh pineapple and more cantaloupe and watermelon for breakfast. Most of the time I had a microphone attached to my blouse and there were sessions of interview. I don’t remember what I said because I forgot the thing was turned on. I hope they edit the hokey stuff. We so enjoyed their company and are looking forward to the segment airing on Fox News 26 in Houston. Will let you know when it will be shown.